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The proper selection, sizing, installation, and maintenance of residential HVAC systems are major factors in optimizing energy savings.


Q5RF-3Superior Heating and Cooling Management’s professionally trained technicians can perform an HVAC sizing report for your home to ensure the equipment will operate efficiently. Proper heating and cooling loads should be matched to individual rooms and meet the needs of the occupants. The solution is to design and install the proper size of equipment.

  • A quality installation can reduce energy consumption by as much as 35 percent overall and peak demand by as much as 25 percent.
  • We measure the structure to determine the amount of conditioned space.

When purchasing a properly-sized residential system, you can save money on the initial equipment and avoid the unnecessary operating costs of a larger unit every month for the life of the system.

The end result: an accurate heating and cooling load calculation that gives you the highest efficiency and best comfort. Bottom line: lower your monthly cooling bills with a new, energy-efficient air conditioner.


nutoneWe are proud of having one of the largest, hardest working, and most dedicated installation crews in the greater Tampa Bay area.

Benefits of our installation:

  • Up to 18 months deferred interest with payments for qualified homeowners!
  • We install high quality air conditioners from NuTone.
  • All installations come standard with the Honeywell digital thermostat.
  • We provide a 10-year warranty on all parts and the compressor.
  • All of our technicians are trained in all aspects of the heating and air-conditioning field.
  • We are an EPA-friendly company. We do not release any harmful gases into the atmosphere.
  • Any of our technicians that handle refrigerants are trained and EPA-certified in the practice of safe refrigerant recovery and disposal.
  • Our technicians are trained in proper installation techniques and receive the most current training in HVAC systems.
  • We follow all manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions.
  • We pressure-test and evacuate our refrigerant systems. This assures a clean, dry, leak-tight system that will provide years of quality and trouble-free performance.

We proudly install NUTONE
® systems and Honeywell™ thermostats

The NuTone single-stage air conditioner is sized to cool your home on the hottest day of the year. It delivers 100% of its cooling capacity at all times. When you install a NuTone air conditioner or heat pump with an indoor section featuring a GE ECM™ variable speed motor, you’ll experience better comfort and lower utility costs. Having a variable speed indoor section means that a NuTone 13 SEER outdoor unit operates at 14 SEER, and a 14 SEER outdoor unit operates at 15 SEER. The variable speed motor can save $150 per year plus another $240 in electrical costs when your thermostat is set for continuous fan operation.

NuTone’s Two-Stage cooling air conditioners and heat pumps for the 15 & 16 SEER are up-to-speed with the expectations of today’s comfort-minded and energy-conscious consumer. Over the lifetime of your initial investment, our two scroll compressor technology will provide unparalleled comfort, quiet operation, and significant improvements in indoor air quality.


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