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04 October 2018


As your central air and heating systems approaches 10 years old, it can cost more in repairs, maintenance and energy costs than the cooling system is worth. This is especially true in Pinellas County, Florida where salt air and high humidity can wreak havoc with your air conditioner. Our air conditioners deal with extremely hot and humid weather most of the year and have to do a lot more work. In some cases, they may run almost continuously nearly every day enduring a lot more wear and tear. In fact, the typical air conditioning system runs 3200 hours a year in Florida and that is the same as you driving your car 102,000 miles a year.

Now many of us try to hold off as long as possible before buying a new air conditioner, but living in Florida we will see a decrease in its efficiency and an increase in repairs and our electric bill!

Exploring your options and having the right company install a new high efficiency air conditioner or heat pump that meets EnergyStar standards and features a variable speed blower will reduce your utility bill. Just as important is choosing the right company; an experienced company is crucial. In fact 80% of a new air conditioning system’s efficiency depends on proper installation and matching the right size equipment for your home.